Education For Poor Child.

Why Need to Women Empowerment ?
  • (1) Women constitutes half of world population
  • (2) 60% chronically hungry people are women
  • (3) two third of illiterate people in the + world are women
  • (4) most of the women working in the rural areas are engaged in seasonal part time and low wage jobs
  • (5) women are vulnerable to crime including domestic violence
  • (6) women are vulnerable to climate change and regional conflicts

Women are still depending on their husband's they never take a major decisions in the family and they do not have access to money

What We Do ?

  • 1. Providing education
  • 2. We encourage women to develop in their fields they are good at and make a career
  • 3. We Providing minimum needs like nutrition health sanitisation and housing

Other than this society should change the Mentally towards the world women

Why self employment and self help group

We are a women empowerment program through which women are trained to form self organised and self managed saving group each consisting of 15 to 25 members to develop their individual empowerment and increase their asses to financial resource which is critical to sustained poverty alleviation group member meet weekly to make decisions

That impact the group participate the life skills training discuss issues of mutual interest and pool their small funds into a common funds from that common forms members take loans and reply with interest women interest for small businesses Healthcare and education for their children's and home improvement V group become a platform for member to not only raise awareness on important topics but also to join together and take action to improve their lives and communities

Women Empowerment (Under Project Naari Shakti Yojana)

  • 1.Beauty parlour
  • 2.Tailoring training
  • 3.Trainer creation training
  • 4.Budget management training
  • 5.Business development training
  • 6.Self help group leader training
  • 7.Women skill development training
  • 8.Women entrepreneurs advisor training

PROJECT Volunteer: Naari Shakti Yojana

  • 1.Nishulk Beauty Parlour Training Centre
  • 2.Nishulk Boutique Training Centre
  • 4.Nishulk Small, Cottage and Micro Industry project training centre
  • 5.Nishulk Women Skill Development Training Centre

Any female volunteer( permanent member) when fundraise 51,000/- (Fifty one Thousand) collect Donation/Contribution from their village/ society not yourself, with in three month from date of appointment of volunteer, to help our vision "Together make a poverty free India" then She may choose above any one project under "Naari Shakti Yojana" for three year, according to knowledge, experience and your interest, we welcome your render selfless service as per rules of BVS.


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