Education For Poor Child.


BVS is a national non profit organisation, committed to reducing the poverty from rural India,who help to poor improve their Education, Knowledge, Skill,Attitude, Personality and Aware About their rights. Our passionate Volunteers works for "WKYC" Mission running by BVS, whose dedicate to Women, Kisan, Youth and Child Development.


  • (1)We develop training for integrated farming ,home, Public Service and village communities.
  • (2) We bring improvement in producing to crop and animal living condition.
  • (3) We improve to health and education condition etc.
  • (4) We improve Villages with their own effort.
  • (5) We improve village communication.


BVS directly promotes economic development in impoverished rural communities through support for clean water, education, farming, and community building with the goal of achieving a basic income.we make a change by the effort of the people themselves to improve real economic, social and cultural condition of the communities into the life of rural India and to enable them to contribute to developing of rural India...


  • (1) we help to develop rural area as whole in terms of culture ,society , economic,Technology and health
  • (2) we help develop living standard of rural mass
  • (3) we help to develop ,women, kisan, youth and children
  • (4) we help to develop and empower human resource of rural area in term of their psychology, skill, knowledge ,attitude and other abilities.
  • (5) we help to solve the problem faced by the rural mass for their development.
  • (6) we help develop infrastructure facility of rural area.
  • (7) we help to provide minimum facility to rural mass in terms of drinking water, education, transport, electricity and communication.
  • (8) we help develop rural institutions like panchayat ,cooperative, post ,banking and credit for self help group (SHG).
  • (9) we help to develop rural industries through the development of handicraft small scale industries village industry rural cottage industries and other related economic operation in the rural sector.
  • (10) we help to develop agriculture animal husbandry and other agricultural by Integrated farming system (IFS) in related areas.
  • (11) we restore uncultivated land provide irrigation facilities and motivate farmers to adopt improve seed fertilizer package of practice of crop cultivation soil conservation methods.
  • (12) we help to develop entertainment and recreational facility for rural mass.
  • (13) we help to develop leadership quality in rural India.
  • (14) we improve rural marketing facility for Rural areas.
  • (15) we minimise gap between the urban and rural in term of facilities availed.
  • (16) we improve Rural people participation in the development of state and Nation as whole
  • (17) we improve scope of employment for rural mass.
  • (18) for the suitable development of rural area.
  • (19) we eliminate rural poverty.
  • (20)we empower them by Awareness Program, Railly, campaign,and other activities.


Improving rural children/ slum dwellers in free town to improve their quality educationa start- up"NISHULK GRAMIN PATHSHALA" Under mission "Gramin Saksharta Abhiyan" our aim for this project every village /Rural/ urban every unprivileged (age 3 to12 years) child should be educate and motivate to school in this project educate them free of cost and provide free stationary/scholarship /game material and health check up and nutrition etc. Time to time this project running by the bal vikas samiti. In present Thousands Nishulk Garmin pathshala running UP, Bihar West Bengal,Jharkhand, Uttrakhand,punjab,Maharashtra and Rajasthan etc all over india.