Education For Poor Child.

We are a collective of ordinary people who believe that together, we can do extraordinary changes in the society, It doesn’tb matter if you have five minutes, five hours or more time, you can join us in several ways – support our programolb and share our campaigns on social media, you join BVS as Next Change Maker. Whatever you want to do, take action today and be part of a global movement together to be make a poverty free India by Rural Development Mission "WKYC" whose dedicated to Women, Farmers, Youth and unpriviledge children's of Rural India.

Social Media Pramoter

BVS on social media by following our pages and sharing our posts across platforms with your networks Enable sponsorship and media opportunities for BVS events and campaigns your skills and expertise in the fields of photography, design, Web hosting, videography, by writing about our endeavours in media publications or blogs To choose any of these options you may help us as next change maker and touch our team member in the city closest to you.

Raise Funds for poverty free India...

For us to be able to create sustainable impact, monetary support is essential. You can help raise funds for BVS by asking your friends/colleagues to donate to BVS on special occasions, taking part in fundraising events like crowdfunding through your personal and professional networks.

To raise funds for BVS, Contact , email with Our Team in your city closest to you.


Looking for an internship opportunity that enables you to create change?

Intern with BVS! As Next Change Maker, you can work with different functions within BVS (HR / Finance / Program / Fundraising / Communications / Planning / Audit ) basis your interest and suitability, pilot your own child-rights project ideas and in the process, grow as a champion for change.

Eligibility Criteria : - 18 years or older, eligibility min.10th - Should be able to put in a minimum of One Week - Should be passionate about child rights To become an intern, FILL IN THE INQUIRY FORM on this page, and Contact OR Email it to the Team Member in the city closest to you.