Education For Poor Child.

Gramin Yuva Swarojgar Yojana

India is a country teeming in youths with 70% of people below the age of 40 year while 34% of India's gross national income is contributed by the youth. there is a dire need to develop this percentage. In fact, youth today is a major resource for not only development of financial prosperity but for social changes as well.

We need to empower youth for a better tomorrow is connected both, to the financial elevation as well as increment of the standard of living. Awareness is a key factor for this empowerment with guidance towards developing a Wholesome outlook of life. Youth empowerment in any development is imperative not only for national development of an entire country but also for personal development an Individual. youth empowerment is pursued by promoting youth rights, youth act and in community decision making.

We cover Youth empowerment under project "Gramin Yuva swarojgar Yojana" in this project we provide for youth Carrer Counseling, Skills Development, and awareness program, importance of education, Financial Literacy Awareness Program for youth empowerment because youth are 70% of people below the age of 40 years a major resource for not only development of financial prosperity for social change as well.

Project: Gramin Yuva Swarojgar Yojana by traning program.

  • 1 career counseling program
  • 2 business management training
  • 3 selling skill development training
  • 4 team management training
  • 5 personality development training
  • 6 goal setting training
  • 7 skill development training
  • 8 digital marketing training
  • 9 life management training
  • 10 Cash Flow management Training
  • 11 Financial literacy Training

PROJECT Volunteer : Gramin Yuva Swarojgar yojana

  • (1) Nishulk Career Counseling Center
  • (2) Nishulk Skill Development Center

If Any volunteer (permanent member) when fundraising 1,21,000/- (One lac and twenty One Thousand) collect Donation/Contribution from their Gram Panchayat/ society, not yourself, to help our Mission "Together make a poverty free India" with in three month from date of appointment volunteer, than may choose any one Project of "Gramin Yuva Swarojgar Yojana" for three (3) year according to knowledge, experience and your interest we welcome your render selfless service as per rules of RCERDD.



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