Education For Poor Child.

Millions of underprivileged children in India are deprived of their basic rights. They are unable to complete their education, are subjected to abuse, and forced into labour at a tender age. Since its inception, BVS has been working towards tackling these issues. An inevitable contribution to this cause comes from the persistent efforts of the BVS volunteers. These self-motivated individuals understand the need to get involved with this cause.BVS offers a diverse range of volunteering opportunities. Through these, you can not only contribute towards the betterment of underprivileged children, but also undergo a transformational journey for yourselves!

Bal Vikas Yojana

"Bal Vikas Yojna" in this project our volunteers work for Education for UNPRIVILEDGE CHILDREN'S by our mission "NISHULK GRAMIN PATHSHALA" in every village in India. "FIGHT TO CHILD RIGHTS" campaign, Stop Child Labour ,Stop Child Marriage ,Nutrition & Health Awareness Programme and Saksharta Railly and "Bal Vikas Pratiyogita " in government and private schools etc.

Nishulk Gramin Pathshala

Rural children/slum dweller of town to improve their quality education we start- up "NISHULK GRAMIN PATHSHALA" under WKYC Mission by Bal Vikas Yojana, Our aim for Rural/ Urban every unprivileged child(age 3 to12 years) of India. Our volunteers educate them free of cost,motivate to school, scholarship,game, stationary, material and health check up and nutrition, food free gives ​by the BVS time to time in this project. ​.

  • (1) Nishulk Gramin Pathshala for unpriviledge children's in Rural area
  • (2) Child Nutrition Test in private/govt. School
  • (3) DMIT and Mid brain Activation Program in private/Govt. School
  • (4) Literacy Awareness Program under Child Right(RTE)
  • (5) Stop Child Labour Champaign
  • (6) Stop Child Marriage Champaign
  • (7) Child Right Awareness Program
  • (8) Health Check- up Camp in private / govt. School
  • (9) Free Books Distribution in private/Govt.School
  • (10) Ham padhenge, desh badhega under Education Awareness Railly.
  • (11) Bal vikas Pratiyogita in private/Govt Schools...
  • Art competition,
  • GK competition,
  • Science competition,
  • Computer competition,
  • Singing competition,
  • Acting competition,
  • Sports competition and etc.



If Any volunteer (permanent member) when fundraising 1,21,000/- (One lac and twenty One Thousand) collect Donation/Contribution from their village/ society not yourself, to help our Mission "Together make a poverty free India" with in three (3) month from date of volunteer appointment, then may choose any one Project of "Baal Vikas Yojana" for three (3) year according to knowledge, experience. we welcome your render selfless service as per rules of BVS.

Bal Vikas Teacher (BVT)

Bal Vikas Teacher (BVT) = Any volunteer of the BVS Department when collect Min. 1,21000/- donation from the society after training you can start up Nishulk Garmin Pathshala free for poor children's in village/ slum dwellers we provide you education matarial ( Books, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpner, chalk, duster, attence black board, register, flex ) free of cost and grant for unprivileged poor children's multidiamensnal growth by help with government or self by the BVS Department.

Child Development Officer (CDO)

Child Development Officer (CDO) = Any volunteer of BVS Department, Eligibility graduate and collect 151000/- Donation from the society not youreself after Training work as area officer supervision of nishulk gramin pathshala (NGP) of your area as per rules of the BVS Deprtment, you will get grant for mentain, conduct, promoting one more project by the BVS Department time to time.

District Head (DH)

District Head (DH) = Any volunteer of the BVS Department, which Eligibility graduate and 6 month experiene of any NGO, Collect min. 3,21,000 /- Donation from the society not yourself after training can participate role as District Head (DH) will control Volunteer, RCT & CDO with one more project & District Office as per rules of the BVS Dpartment, will get Grant for conduct, Pramote,and maintain for the project by the BVS Department time to time

Divisional Director (DD)

Divisional Director ( DD) = Any volunteer of the BVS Department whose eligibility post graduate with any subject 1 year experience of any NGO, collect min. 5,51,000/- Donation from the society not your self, after training can role as Divisional Director control works and activities of District Head thier Division and organize training, program and all types activities as direction of BVS Depatment.

State Chief (SC)

State Chief (SC) = any volunteer of whose eligibility post graduate with any subject and 3 year experience of any NGO collect 11,00,000/- Donation from the society not your self after interview with managment of BVS Department should be control all Volunteer of the State , Manage all types activities, program, state level management with Direction of BVS Department.



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